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September 13, 2013 / ivytechartspartner


Poppy House is a newly created, nonprofit music collective based in Bloomington, Ind., whose members work together to enhance the local music community using the resources provided by each other.
Founded by Indiana University Jacobs School of Music audio production students Veronica Simonetti and Kendall Demarest, Poppy House aims to create a collaborative dialogue between Bloomington musicians, artists and the local community, free of charge.
Poppy House provides management and marketing services to area musicians and organizes unique events featuring musicians supported by the collective.
Any of the following services are provided by Poppy House to local musicians:

  • website creation
  • social media presence and management
  • high-quality photography and/or video services
  • press and promotion
  • studio and/or live recording
  • event booking; merchandising

To accomplish these tasks for its associated musicians, Poppy House comprises skilled web designers, artists and graphic designers, photographers and videographers, recording engineers, event planners, and social/print media specialists.

Please feel free to familiarize yourself with the associated musicians and artists of Poppy House listed below, and contact the collective with any and all questions or press inquiries at
Poppy House: Bloomington Music Collective team
POPPY HOUSE | Bloomington Music Collective
Bloomington, IN 47405 8-Sep-13

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