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May 14, 2013 / ivytechartspartner

“The Art of Grimoires, Uncovered: Magical Books of the British Occult Revival”, at The Venue

Contact for Gallery: Gabriel Colman, David Colman           
 Contact information: 
Telephone                  812-339-4200          
 Gallery Address:         114 S. Grant, Bloomington Indiana 47408   
 Gallery Hours:             11am-7pm Tuesday-Sat, 12pm-5 Sun pm, CLOSED Monday
 Gallery Telephone:      812-339-4200 
Gallery Website:         The Venue

On Tuesday, May 21st, beginning at 5:30pm. The Venue Fine Art & Gifts will host a presentation entitled “The Art of Grimoires, Uncovered: Magical Books of the British Occult Revival” by Shannon K. Larson. Shannon is currently pursuing her doctorate in folklore from Indiana University. Her research interests include belief and the supernatural, narrative, and ritual. She has guest curated a rare books exhibition, entitled “Grimoires Uncovered: Magical Books of the British Occult Revival,” currently on display in the Lilly Library.

This exhibition is an exploration of historical uses of books of magic – also known as grimoires. Grimoires not only contained magical formulae and philosophy but were also considered to be inherently magical. The exhibition considers these books as reflections of the historical moment and culture during which they were created and used. As such, grimoires communicate the inherent powers associated with literacy, as well as changing views on religion, spirituality, and even science. The exhibition showcases 10 grimoires published between 1569 and 1944, with an emphasis on books from the British Occult Revival of the 19th to early 20th centuries – a period of renewed interest in practical magic and the occult. Spooky!

In her presentation Shannon will discuss the exhibition and present the results of recent ethnographic research concerning contemporary uses of grimoires. The Venue will provide refreshments for the occasion. Our complete collection of fine art and gifts will also be on display for viewing and purchase. Free parking will be available in the lot at Fourth and Grant.

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