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April 22, 2013 / ivytechartspartner

BEAD–Artist of the Week: Yelena, Photographer of Joy


Yelena is a woman on a mission. She stays her mission is “to create and celebrate beauty, joy, magic, and our oneness with Nature.” Most of Yelena’s sessions occur in natural settings with her subjects dressed in vintage costume pieces that transform girls and women into Angels, Fairies, Nature Goddesses, and Nymphs. During the sessions, ‘photographer of joy’ inspires creativity, fun, and pure joy, which is captured within her timeless photographs. In her native Belarus, a former Soviet republic, Yahontova was an established language instructor, translator and poet. She taught Polish at the Belarusian State University of Culture in Minsk, and she published poetry and articles on arts, culture, linguistics and beauty. Yelena Yahontova is from Belarus, a part of the former Soviet Union. Holding a Masters Degree in Linguistics and Literature from the Belarussian State University, she comes from a great and long tradition of Eastern European poets, and has translated some of Poland’s greatest poets into her native Belarusian language. Yelena has also worked as a journalist, model, schoolteacher and university lecturer.
Yahontova is award-winning photographer and costume stylist. She offers imaginative portraits for everyone: families, babies, expectant mothers, children, high school seniors, couples, people with their pets, women, men, musicians, dancers, models, etc. She prefers photographing in nature where her subjects feel relaxed and inspired, rather than in a studio.A special distinction of “Yelena: Photographer of Joy” is that Yelena provides a costume and accessories collection for both adults and children to have fun with during the photo session. Yahontova captures the uniqueness of each individual and the love and tenderness between family members. With the use of her costume collection, her creativity and imagination, Yelena transforms women into goddesses, children into princes and princesses and angels; and above all, she creates portraits that are work of art.

“Celebrate! The Beauty of Nature, The Soul of Woman” her exhibition, is showing at the Gallery Group at 109 East 6th St. from April 3— May 31, 2013. The exhibition hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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