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February 12, 2013 / ivytechartspartner

Arts Commission Releases Latest Biennial Report on Arts Impact in Indiana

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced today the official release of the agency’s latest biennial report detailing the impact of publicly-funded IAC programs and services during Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012.

The document, available for download from the IAC website (, provides brief descriptions of IAC programs and services provided statewide by the IAC and its network of Regional Arts Partner organizations. In addition to statewide overview data on program funding by fiscal year, identical data has been broken down for each of the IAC’s 11 regions.

“It is important for people to see the impact state and federal public funding of the arts has on the state, but even more critical to see that these grants, programs, and services reach every corner of our state,” said IAC Executive Director Lewis C. Ricci. “More than 80 percent of the IAC’s state and federal funding is redistributed through grants, programs and services. In addition to the direct grant impact, local economic activity is further enhanced by grant matching funds.”

In addition to regional breakdowns of IAC program information, the report features full-color images from each region reflecting the public impact of IAC funded projects and programs. A full listing by county of IAC grant recipients can be found near the back of the report, along with quotes from grant recipients explaining the impact of their grant.

“The arts are a critical element to help us see not only who we are but what we are capable of being,” said IAC Chairman Jon Ford (Terre Haute). “The arts may help us be better human beings, but they also help strengthen our schools, our workplaces, and our communities. This creative economy, fueled by the arts, helps our communities and state attract the very best and brightest creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.”

For comparison, the last biennial report (2009 – 2010) can also be found on the same page of the IAC website.

The Indiana Arts Commission is dedicated to the vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.

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