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August 6, 2012 / ivytechartspartner

Artist of the Week: Chung-Yu Fang


Chung-Yu Fang is a contemporary Taiwanese artist in oil painting and Chinese calligraphy and painting. She is originally from Keelung, a city on the north coast of Taiwan. Chung-Yu completed her undergraduate degree and first Masters Degree in Fine Art in Taiwan. She holds her second Masters Degree in Art History from The State University of New York.

Chung-Yu’s artwork is largely traditional, inspired by the art pieces of old Chinese masters. She displays various art styles by way of two-dimensional expression. Chung-Yu’s works of art in both Eastern and Western artistic forms have been exhibited in different galleries and museums throughout Taiwan, China, and the United States. Chung-Yu has exhibited in BEAD most recently at the Venue and is presently pursuing an M.A. in Arts Administration at Indiana University.

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