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August 2, 2012 / ivytechartspartner

Arts Commission to Offer Cultural Planning Consultancies to Eight Hoosier Communities

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced today that eight Indiana communities have been approved for the second phase of the agency’s Vibrant Communities cultural planning consultancies.

“More and more, community leaders are realizing the arts can play a significant role in making their communities a better place to live and work,” said IAC Executive Director Lewis C. Ricci. “It is a vision called Creative Placemaking. From Arcadia to Zionsville, Indiana communities have discovered people want to work in communities where they enjoy living. The arts bring jobs, but also a quality of life that attracts creative, entrepreneurial leaders.”

The eight communities were selected from 26 that were eligible to apply for the consultancy opportunities after taking part in the Vibrant Communities colloquium conducted last fall. The colloquium was a partnership between the IAC and Ball State University’s Building Better Communities program.

In June, consultancies were approved for the following communities:

Arcadia – for assistance in creating a community cultural plan focusing on Arcadia as a traditional arts and crafts community of instruction

Fort Wayne – to assist in developing tools for strategic community development through the arts, such as filling vacant spaces, riverfront development, instituting small business loans and grants for local creative industries, and leveraging municipal support for growth and development

Ligonier – to assist in creating a comprehensive identity and marketing plan for the city and establish Ligonier as a cultural tourism destination

Muncie – to work with a consultant to develop a strategic plan for the Muncie Arts and Cultural Council to successfully guide development of the cultural district

Nashville – to assist in articulating a Cultural Plan for Nashville that compliments the larger Brown County cultural vision, but is specific to the identity and future of Nashville’s cultural district

Noblesville – to assist in building on revitalization efforts to create a comprehensive Cultural District Plan to further solidify the arts efforts in Noblesville

Shelbyville – to work with a consultant to formalize a plan to create a community art center as part of a citywide strategy to bolster artistic community development

Zionsville – to work with a consultant on determining direction and strategies to establish a cohesive cultural district

Consultancies are expected to begin in August and continue through October. Consultants are matched by the IAC with the respective communities.

The IAC anticipates hosting a second Vibrant Communities colloquium sometime in 2013 and will announce details after the first of the year.

For more information about the cultural planning consultancies, please contact Kristina Davis by calling 317-232-1279 or email

The Indiana Arts Commission is committed to the vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.


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