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May 9, 2012 / ivytechartspartner

New Engines of Growth: Five Roles for Arts, Culture and Design

The National Governors Association recently announced the release of New Engines of Growth: Five Roles for Arts, Culture and Design. The report, prepared in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and NASAA, focuses on the role that arts, culture, and design can play in assisting states as they seek to create jobs, boost their economies and, over time, transition to an innovation-based economy. Specifically, the report identifies five ways in which arts, culture and design can assist states with economic growth by:
1. Providing a fast-growth, dynamic industry cluster;
2. Helping mature industries become more competitive;
3. Providing critical ingredients for innovative places;
4. Catalyzing community revitalization; and
5. Delivering a better-prepared workforce.
State arts agencies are acknowledged throughout the report as having established many of the featured programs and policies that embrace these strategies to enhance states’ economic growth. We encourage you to use the report as a means of promoting the arts as an economic asset in your state. The following are just a few communications strategies you might consider:
• Post a link to the report on your agency’s website and Facebook page. Drive constituent traffic to the report through email blasts, electronic newsletters, tweets, blogs, and other social media.

• Encourage partner agencies in state and local government to review the report and circulate a link to it throughout their networks. State and local officials in commerce, economic development, tourism, education, workforce development, labor, historical and cultural affairs, agriculture, housing, planning, preservation, Main Street offices, and others will find strategies in this report that will resonate with their own goals and objectives.

• Encourage constituents, grantees, and partners to read and share the report. Feature the report at board meetings, conferences, and your agency convenings.

• As you promote the substance of the report, highlight local examples of ways in which the arts are benefiting the economy of your state. Use imagery where possible; before-and-after photos can be compelling.
NASAA also encourages you to share this material with cultural advocates in your state. The new report contains many quotable quotes and key findings that can help you strengthen the case for the value of state arts agencies as partners in fostering economic vitality, boosting tourism and developing a competitive workforce.

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