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March 16, 2012 / ivytechartspartner

City of Bloomington Arts Commission Seeks Individual Artist and Arts Organization Input in Public Arts Master Planning Process

The City of Bloomington Arts Commission (BAC) is developing a comprehensive public arts master plan. As part of that effort, individual artists and arts organizations are encouraged to complete a brief online survey on community opportunities and needs related to public arts. The surveys will be open until March 19, 2012. This project is another effort under the City’s strategy to leverage and expand the economic development potential of the arts in Bloomington. According to a 2003 Americans for the Arts study, the local nonprofit arts sector contributes 44.5 million to the economy which includes 1,567 jobs supported throughout the community by the local nonprofit arts sector. An updated study, reporting data from 40 local arts organizations, will be released in June 2012. For more information contact Miah Michaelsen, Assistant Economic Development Director for the Arts, at or 812.349.3534.

To access the BAC surveys, please visit:
• Individual Artists:
• Organizations:

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